The Catalyst Remote Control application is the best way to setup and manage up to 99 Catalyst Media Server in your network via remote access from an iPad®.

Catalyst Remote Control has a bunch of powerful features to administrate fast and user friendly any Catalyst media server installation. Time-consuming adminsitrative tasks will become a thing of the past, thanks to the addition of Quickpatch or Multiscreen Configuration.

New functions in Version 2.01

  • new design
  • add catalyst v5 patch fixtures
  • add keystone preview
  • add curved screen preview
  • add load and save functions
  • add a faster file preview

SETUP Setup up to 99 Catalyst Media Server

QUICKPATCH Quickpatch of layers, mixes and other devices

MIXES Mix configuration, like geometry parameters or panorama setup tools

LAYER Schnelle Zuweisung der Bildebene zu den Mixes.

SERVER CONTROL Wide range of features to administrate and control server, like restart, shutdown, sync or quick scan

FILE VIEW Thumbnail preview with detailed file informations

LIVE STATS Real-time status of the performance of each media server | Smart desk for playback videos and graphics

Catalyst Remote Control needs iOS® 9.0 or later. iPad®, iOs® are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.