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Simply super interactive with the iPad and CONFACT from numeo

Imagine you could communicate live with speakers on the stage during events? With the software system CONFACT and the Apple iPad, iPad mini or iPod touch, we facilitate direct interaction between delegates, exhibitors, program presenters and hosts at events, conferences and trade fairs.

CONFACT illustrated in 3:51 min.

CONFACT Demovideo

Branding We can adapt CONFACT to fit with your Corporate Design, as required.

Tweetwall & Community The tweet function allows delegates to post their impressions and opinions on a tweetwall, and so share their ideas with other participants at the event. Developing further thoughts is possible with the community function. “Like” and comment tweets of other participants and get directly in contact.

Login via QR-Code – for example, integrated into the name tag – each participant can easily and quickly accredit himself on his iPad.

Media Attaching of documents, movies and pictures within the app. Contents are easy to find at one point and the participants feels well supplied.

Agenda The Agenda page offers an overview of the program of events. Here delegates can search and subscribe to more detailed information on individual sections of the program, or on specific speakers.

Poll Involve delegates even further in your presentation with the help of the live poll function. Place your vote – over several rounds, if required. The results are evaluated and visualized live on stage.

Participants Provide yourself with an overview of all delegates and learn more about their interests and professional roles.

Evaluation Gathering of information as a basis of specific decisions and as a barometer of public opinions. Enquire the opinions and preferences as well as dislikes of the participants with individual shapeable surveys and define areas which need improvement.

Messaging Make direct contact with other delegates via the Messaging tool.

Q&A  Put live questions to speakers. These can be edited and shown live on stage.

Group select Grouping of the attendants – especially for workshop situations. Even if you have several workshops running at the same time, independently working is possible. With a side by side output, two different outputs with different content can be displayed in one room. Examples are the tweetwall and Q&A or the poll questioning in german and english at the same time.