numeo AV Server & nuPlayer

numeo AV Server

For controlling the nuPlayer you need the numeo AV Server, which offers a fully functional user interface for controlling the nuPlayer app on the Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 4K. The numeo AV Server is installed on a separate machine with macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or higher to control the Apple TV.
There is no connection between the server and the client application necessary, the content stored in playlists will be sent directly to the Apple TV – thus a stand-alone operation is possible.

nuPlayer can be completely recorded and controlled via network.It is possible to turn the audio output on or off remotely, show or hide the menu on the device (and thus also the device name and the file being played), skip or pause files or delete all content on the device. The status of the device (online or offline) and the operating mode are displayed in the server software (playlist, menu on or off, audio output on or off, current content).

In the numeo AV Server application it is planned to create playlists, which can be named individually. Content from a local folder shortcut will be assigned to the individual playlists. All relevant information, such as File name, resolution, length or file size can be read out in the “Movie File” window. If a file changes and is moved to the content folder again, the file will also be automatically replaced in the playlists and will be considered during the next upload.

For displaying single images the presentation time in the numeo AV Server can be set manually in seconds. If you want to play an already played playlist on the nuPlayer only the newly added or changed content is transmitted, since the other files are already stored locally on the Apple TV.

Manage scheduling and timings of your content to achieve sophisticated playback scenarios.

H.264 or HEVC/H.265 live streaming with high bit rates is also possible with nuPlayer. The software integrates live streams seamlessly into the given playlist and scheduling features. When distributing live stream data it’s recommended to use a wired Ethernet infrastructure paired with a multicast connection.

—> Download (needs hardware license key)


installable app on Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 4K running tvOS 9.1 or higher

The app supports all of Apple’s video and image formats for Apple TV4 (z.B. H.264 1080p/60, MPEG-4, *.jpg, *.gif)

The devices are assigned via device ID & IP address, individual names can be assigned in the numeo AV Server for each device.

automatic connection to numeo AV Server App as soon as they are in the same network.

Playback data is stored locally on the device.