numeo GmbH

Our company combines years of experience in the event industry with the development of modern software solutions and temporary IT solutions. We specialise in applications for events of all kinds: training courses, congresses, conferences, sporting events. IT is a particularly complex topic at events because you don’t get a second chance in live use.

That’s why our philosophy is: Our software and infrastructure must withstand the reality of an event. We know from experience that a lot of content is only available five minutes before the event begins. This is why our customized software solutions are not developed under laboratory conditions, but are primarily designed for the heat of live use.


Helge Herrmann
Telefon: +49 (0)561 574 333 21
…has an eye on everything. As the CEO he doesn’t know any problems, only solutions. Bad mood is not a part of his vocabulary.
Snack Passion: 90%
Coffee Consumption: 50%

Alexander Jaunich
Telefon: +49 (0)561 574 333 23

…the casual one. Has a passion for computergedaddel and likes to build complex networks.
Snack passion: cheesecake
Coffee consumption: 110%

Martin Tschosnig
Telefon: +49 (0)561 574 333 24

… the slightly different nerd. Sociable and fun for everyone. Converts every idea into code. He makes the impossible configurable.
Snack passion: n->0
Coffee consumption: 100%


In addition to expertise in development of software and event apps for classic events with the wishes of interactivity of the customer merges, numeo works with a network of national and international event technology specialists. In this way customer requirements are implemented individually, flexibly and successfully.